Brooklyn Strikes Back…

Sometimes you need an Italian from Brooklyn to tell it like it is. Thank you Doc for not only your Medical expertise but for showing the world how we Brooklyners are when we are threatened. Thank you for pointing out that these Politicians are only after one thing… Money. Thank you for pointing out what one of Senator Rand Paul’s main objectives is. That objective is to profit from the Pandemic. When we Italians from Brooklyn (yes I am Italian, Sicilian in fact) are on a roll, we do not stop, either. Another misinformed Moron from the Republican Traitor Party tried to paint Dr. Fauci as someone who was hiding his financial records. However, all he did was paint a picture of himself as someone who follows a loser, a failed president named trump that is hiding his financial records. I’m sorry, that was a fact, just like it is a fact that the good Doctor’s records are public record and have been for over 30 years. So, lets report the score… Brooklyn: 2 Republicans: 0. Once again, Republican politicians and their followers have proved themselves as losers that follow losers. The Battle for Brooklyn helped create our democracy over 200 years ago, and once again a Patriot from Brooklyn is leading the charge. The Battle has has just begun. Carry On… Mm

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