The Right To Bear Arms…

I stole this from a buddy with a similarly warped sense of humor. It is a good opportunity for me to solve the Gun crisis for America. You can thank me by subscribing. Everyone agrees that the Mentally Ill should not have access to Firearms. Hopefully everyone, I am sure some of the Mentally Ill would disagree. LOL. Moving right along… I am not against Gun Ownership at all. In fact I even own myself. However, someone that thinks they need a Machine Gun aka an Assault Weapon to defend themselves and their home, has some serious Mental Issues. Serious Paranoia and Fear are instantly recognized in these Pro Gun Types. That whole term is an oxymoron. Pro Gun. Owing a Gun is your right in the US, under the Constitution. The Second Amendment. Nowhere in that document that defines our Democracy does it say you have the right to Arsenals of weapons or the types of weapons that are designed for the Military. Isn’t that easy? “Let’s protest for a right we already have!” (sic) That is another sign of being mental, or at least a sign of being a sheep. You want to use these things? My answer would be that they should stop being Mental and join the Military. I am sure they have a lot to teach these cowards that stand behind twisted theories, fake news and their big caliber Pacifiers to show off their Patriotism, when really they are really showing off their Mental Illness. I hope this solves things for you. Some like to complicate things, again to obscure the fact that you already have the right to own a gun and if the Bear does not mind, you can have Bear Arms as well. Carry On… Mm

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