Never Vote Republican. Ever…

We must work together to remove the scourge of Fascism from the United States. The Republican party has been taken over by various Domestic Terrorist organizations like Quanon & the Proud Boys. The only way, the sure way to remove their power is the remove them from every level of Government and Business. Removing them from Government requires you to VOTE. Vote for anyone else but a Republican at every level. Politicians are hiding their party affiliations nowadays. They do not want you to know that they are puppets of the Republicans. Do not be a puppet or led like a sheep. Vote at every election. Ask would be politicians, school board members, county clerks and even the Dog Catcher, if they are a Republican or not. If they support Democracy or not. This is not meant to be a blanket message of support for the Democrats, either. They did not try to take over the Government and overturn the Election on January 6th either…

Carry On… Mm

Please share liberally…

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