Get Local…

Nation In Distress.

It is not just about what you see in the news. The National scene on Politics certainly provides enough interest and entertainment, for sure. It is at the local level however where we have to make a difference. Since that is not exciting enough for the media, it is up to us to shine the light of freedom under the rocks in our neighborhoods. Local Politicians and other official that are voted into office do alot of advertising on Facebook and other social media outlets. Take notice that they DO NOT post or mention what Party they represent. They do not want you to know the facts. They only want you to know the facts that they present. True or not. Usually the later. Do not take a local election casually. Find out who and what you are voting for. Ask them, send them a message on Facebook. “Are you are a Republican?” If they do not answer, that is your answer. They are and do not want you to know. This is occurring at every level of Government. They think if you ignore that they are representing a terrorist organization at a minor position like School Board member, Sanitation Supervisor or even the Dog Catcher, that you will ignore their terrorist affiliations when they try for a bigger office. Do get fooled. We have seen this all before in Germany almost a 100 years ago. Do not let them get their foot in the door at any level. Republicans are not fit to govern in any way, shape or form. Never ever vote for a Republican. EVER,

Carry On… Mm