True Patriots Doing Their Duty…

Gen. Mark Milley.

The word “Patriot” has been getting quite a beating lately. So many cowards are hiding behind the moniker to protect their fragile egos. Egos that never before have had so much attention paid to them. Like a starving person reaching for food, they latched on to a conman from NY that placated their fears. He did this to control a vast amount of voters. Voters that felt left out of the process. So he gave them a process. One full of lies, that they easily understood and hate that fed long hidden and standing Rasicm. You would think that a president would do this for some way to help the country he led. Instead he did this to gain power and money. Money has been the driving force behind everything he did in his quest to destroy the country, which failed btw. Now all these so called patriots are “butt-Hurt” because they backed a loser and by continuing to support him, end up being losers as well. Fortunately, we do have real Patriots (not in quotes) protecting our country. Today one of them goes to battle against Fasism at hearing in Wash D.C. about resent events in Afghanistan.


Milley’s appearance before the hearing also comes amid a flurry of new disclosures about the tumultuous events leading up to the US Capitol insurrection by a mob incited by the ex-President on January 6. In one, CNN published a memo by a pro-Trump lawyer detailing steps then-Vice President Mike Pence could take to block the certification of Biden’s election victory, which was first revealed in “Peril.”In an earlier book, which also appears to have benefited from the cooperation of Milley or those around him, “I Alone Can Fix It,” by Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs was revealed to have had his own foreboding feelings about a possible coup.He is quoted as telling aides that Trump was the “classic authoritarian leader with nothing to lose” and that the United States could be facing a “Reichstag” moment — referring to the fire at the German parliament used as a ruse by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party to cement power in the 1930s.These are stunning reports, which Milley has yet to fully address in public since they emerged. And again, there must be questions over whether the top uniformed military officer has allowed himself to get too sucked into political tumult.

End of CNN insert.

He is a Patriot. Not only a Patriot but a Hero. He can take it. He is not a coward like the so called “Patriots” that tried to take over the Capital on January 6th. He saved us all from certain doom. He tried to take over the USA in act of Insurection using the so called “Patriots” as his army to attempt a coup to overturn the election, he lost. The General’s efforts are a guide for us all to fight the Fascists trying to destroy our great country. We are better off for the real Patriots and the fake ones will be get what they deserve, one way or another, as they become the tired old joke that us real Patriots know they really are.

You see them playin War with their guns and gear all over the news. These things are made to make you fear them. But your intelligence is made to make you realize that these things are being used to hide their fear. Their fear of other races, their fear of Science and their fear of a society they can not understand leads them to want to destroy it. We are Americans. We don’t not destroy what we do not understand. We embrace the things we do not understand and add them to our strengths. Our strength lies in our diversity and fake “Patriots” lie to protect themselves. Protecting their country is just one of those lies they hide behind. Now you know where everything lies.

Carry On… Mm