And The Truth Hurts Us All…

How weak? How weak do you have to be to embrace power from someone else’s hate? How weak can you be? Here are some answers. You can be so weak that you voted for a Con man to be our President under the lie that he was a good business man and would set our economy soaring. Well, that did not happen. What did happen was that you proved yourself even weaker by having your Racism exploited. If not Racisms, we can call it hatred. The former president played you like a fiddle and still is playing his tune full of lies. His biggest hit is called “The Big Lie”. A lie that supposes he won the election. The latest facts out show that he was trying to overthrow the election he lost. I ask, if he won it, why would he need the vice president to overturn the results. Why? Cause it is a lie. Believing lies, con men and fake presidents is not way of a Patriot. As always the Patriot takes the abuse, most notably in its definition. Most traitors hide under the guise of being a “Patriot”. They are anything but if they support a person or group that tries to overthrow the government. It is easy to understand and hard for a real Patriot to believe it is happening today.

Carry On… Mm

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