What That Guy Said…

You know, it is a great indicator of character when you cannot accept responsibility for your actions. That may not be a eloquent as Ralph Waldo Emerson, but it certainly applies to the biggest mistake American ever made by voting the former president into office, While in office he disgraced the United States on a daily, sometimes hourly basis with his layers of lies, misinformation and blatant fascist behavior & actions. Instead he used his own mistakes to blame the American people themselves as the persecutors of those mistakes. Anyone that marked his treasons becomes his target even to this day. The disgraced president continues his dishonor of the United States every time and way he can. Do not fall for it anymore. Raise your self above what you are told is right to what you know is right. Dump Trump now from your thoughts, the media and society. He was a mistake and lets…

Carry On… Mm

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