That is how old I am now. The big Six – 0. It is a bittersweet day, I guess. So much to look back upon, but to be honest not that bitter. With so much to look forward to, things seem tilted towards the sweet side of things. Staying positive is the key, even if it borders on denial, fantasy and hope. It is better than the negatives. I am a creative guy and all my life I have had to create my own atmosphere, because the one I was in was toxic.

If there is one gift I can give myself today, it is to release myself from negative people. Yesterday I posted on my Facebook page “Life is too short to push a shopping cart with a broken wheel”. It is. Too many people have grasped on to the negative way of thinking. After all it is easier and misery loves company. I do not need that kind of company, going forward. Who knows how long I have left? I am going to spend that time on the positive side, the best I can and so should you, my friends…

Carry On… Mm

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