Hey Texas! How Do You Spell Karma?

I do not mean to make sport of someone else’s affliction, but I would just be pointing out the obvious. What goes around comes around is an old saying that, well, keeps coming around. Just like Karma. If you are new to word, just Google it. The Governor of Texas however is not new to it. He is living proof of it. He has long been a champion of Ignorance by making it a priority to make it harder for people to protect themselves from the Virus. The very Virus he is no afflicted with. Can we throw the word Irony in to my post? LOL, yes it is funny in my warped sense of humor, but you don’t need a sense of humor to see the danger that this fellow represents is even worse that the Virus itself. In fact all you need is common sense. My sense of humor is at its end on this subject as you can read in one of my previous posts… “Do Not Get Vaccinated” – https://marblesmahoney.com/2021/07/19/do-not-get-vaccinated/ – I do want nature to take its course and I do want the smart to survive. I want America to survive. If the Covid Virus can eliminate the Ignorance Virus, so be it. Your Ignorance ends with America’s survival. Mine too.

Carry On… Mm

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