Always Listen To The Chicks…

Don’t be an Idiot, get Vaccinated. Wear a Mask when necessary. Then you can go home and play with your Gun. A Gun that nobody wants to take away from you. Unless you are a Mental case. Everyone agrees that Mentally Ill people should not have Guns. If you think that you need a Machine Gun to protect yourself, well, I hate to break it ya, you are Mental. If you need an Arsenal and thousands of Bullets to protect yourself, you are really Mental. You should not own a gun. You probably wont get Vaccinated too. That is alright with me. I want you to help us all by cleaning up the Gene Pool. Make peace with God, too. You will be meeting him soon enough. Just please die off fast, our Healthcare workers are already at their limits. Don’t be Idiot.

Carry On… Mm

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