Aint It The Truth…

LOL. The thing is actually a Genius. The way he conned the “Poorly Educated” into not only believing that he was their savior, but to actually give their hard earned money. Today it was announced that it has 102 million dollars that was donated to his anti-american campaign to destroy the United States. Being poorly educated himself, he comes quite experienced at being the king of the Morons. The sad part is that these people are the very ones he wants to eliminate. he sees them as a wave he can surf in on to destroy our Democracy and turn into a Richocracy. Yes, I just made that one up, your are welcome, please share it liberally. . A place where the love of money beats out the love of Freedom. It is not my rantings that declare this, and neither is it my own Genius that leads me to think the way I do, just talk to Bernie Sanders. It is that love of Freedom that demands we eliminate the fake Patriots, the fake Presidents and certainly the “Jenious” that was smart enough to win the Presidency but not smart enough to destroy our Democracy.

Carry On… Mm

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