So why do I make a big deal about when I get paid? Most people keep it a secret, perhaps. Believe, me I am not bragging. I only make a little more than the poverty level. Which is a joke. A joke that I tell you all every 2 weeks on a Friday. The so called “Poverty Level” is based on figures and facts from 20 years ago. $24,000 for a family of four! Give me a break, it is hard enough for this family of one. Over 50% of my salary goes to rent. I do not live in anyplace fancy, I rent a room on NY’s Long Island. The poverty level is much higher. A family of 4 needs to making 3X, 4X that amount just to keep a roof over their heads and eat. That eating part is important. So many go hungry while working for minuscule wages. It is no longer that “Poverty Level” that matters. It is the “Rich Level” that counts now. That level does not include the wealthy that lead perfect paid for lives, but it includes those that can afford to live and eat and pay the bills. That makes you rich, my friend and do not tell me how rough it is until you have faced poverty. The real thing. Until you are not sure where you next meal will come from, if you can pay and find a room to live in and not a shopping cart. Did you pay all your bills? Then you are rich. That money I get today will be gone soon enough and I have to eat of the rest, no matter what it is. Last week my entire budget for food and gas and whatever was $57. Most spend that on dinner in one sitting. That is because most people are rich and don’t even know it. Maybe they are lucky they don’t know and can live the fantasy that they are struggling. I am not complaining at all, in fact I may be richer than you, even though I do not have anything in the bank. I am illustrating how money does not equal success or happiness. I am in a good place and working it the best I can so I can…

Carry On… Mm

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