Aint It The Truth…

And I bet you that Hitler never actually killed a Jew, either. That did not, does not and will not make anyone less guilty of Murder. Murder. How many people died because of the former occupant of the white house botched our response to the Pandemic? How many?! The fact that it happened and the dead will not be forgotten or brushed aside. The whole affair was used as big diversion from the fact that he was the worst president in modern times. These people died for not only his ego and lust for power, but those who supported him too. Many supported these fascist ideals out of fear. Fears that were amplified by the former Con Man In Chief. Just like Manson, he never killed anybody, just asked everyone else to do his dirty work for him. These two are a stain on our history, equally, only one has met justice.

Carry On… Mm

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