Dictatorship, Fascism, Communism, Autocrat and whatever buzz word you want to use or hide behind, none hits the mark better than “Nazis”. Not to glorify the word in anyway, in fact the word, term & concept has too many people glorifying it today. If that is not sad enough, we have elected members of our own government, the government that fought to rid the world of these idiots, acting just like that put their best red and black swastika armband on this morning. It is not my job to explain what the ideals of these losers are, that is part of history, past and present. If it is too much trouble to look up the past, try looking up the present. Whatever flavor of news you prefer is carrying the latest gaff from Marjorie Taylor Greene. Not a gaff at all. She has shown time and again the ignorance of Anti-Semitism. She is playing the age old game of “I am sorry/not sorry”. Just look at the picture I used here. That alone shows the absolute ignorance roaming around in that empty head. “Stop The Steal?” Give me a brake. In fact give us all a break. This creature and her supporters was seen at the border, creating Propaganda with one of the Capitol rioters last week. How much more proof do you need to realize this woman is an enemy of the United States Of America, just as any Nazi ever was. Do we need this? Can we tolerate This? No. Don’t. Not Ever. Not on anyone’s watch.

Carry On… Mm

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