The Higher Standard…

Before you can even start waving any kind of flag around, you have to understand the reason for doing so. The people that founded this country were intent on setting that higher standard. Not just for them, either. They had the courage to create and fight and die for that standard to be applied to us all. A pretty tall order in the days of the British Empire, when Colonialism and Tyranny were the standards. There were many, many of us at the time that did not want to change anything at all. They were happy with the King and being his subjects as long as they were provided for. You see, there lies the rub, as long as people are getting taken care of they are happy with whatever various form of government they are under. Tyrants get away with murder, literally, as a result. Even if it you, neighbor. Just like in the days of old, it is the traitors vs the patriots. Today we have been given a glimpse into the past and the future. A future that will be amazing if we try to set a higher standard. Not just in the government or the medias, but in ourselves. Americans are themselves an Army of one, indivisible, believing in justice for all. If justice doesn’t apply to us all, it applies to nobody. Be sure that those with lower standards will try to take advantage of this, and they certainly are trying now more than ever. Voting rights are being limited by Republicans that fear the will of the people because they no longer try to represent them. They want to represent those with lower standards because they are easier to control. The poorly educated, the poor themselves, even the sick are being taken for a ride down that road. We must set the standard every day, every way and live by example. Ignore and point out the Fake news, ask for sources, seek the truth. Be the truth. The road that we all should be on is one that leads upwards towards that higher standard.

Carry On… Mm

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