The Damage Is Done…

Both of these people are equally enemies of The United States Of America. Both used fear to obtain Political goals. That is the very definition of Terrorism. They did so from the comfort of home, they just gave the orders. Neither actually lifted a finger to destroy the American way of life. Both are equally guilty. The similarities continue but lets look at some very important differences. Differences that make the former president even worse than history’s most notorious terrorist. There is no denying the damage done by 9-11. The biggest damage was instilling Fear in America. It worked. It worked so well that a man used that fear to subvert an American Political Party. That man was the former president. He didn’t cause 9-11 but he sure did cause 1-6, The January 6th Insurrection. This event in America history was and is a s damaging as other dates that will live in infamy. Pearl Harbor, Dec 7th, World Trade Center September 11th & January 6th The US Capital all are dates we will never forget. The tragedy that we will also never forget is that Jan. 6th was caused by our own. Our own president and his supporters. Home grown Terrorism at its finest or it’s worst, depending on which party you support. Never forget that the Republican Party and it’s leader, The President of the USA caused one of the lowest moments in American history.

Carry On… Mm

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