Common Sense…

This Voltaire dude was pretty hip, back it the day it seems. Everyone thinks they are the only one that is right. It is their version of reality and have no room for any debate. Why should they debate? They think they are right and you are wrong. Not just wrong, but you are crazy. Not just crazy, but a socialist, a dem, a liberal or whatever word their leaders tell you to use. Try to bring up a common subject or idea and no matter what it is, it is wrong. This is just one of their tactics to enflame you, because they can not debate you. Some of this may not make sense to you or me. It is the Education gap that has formed in this country that is the issue. The other issue is that we just survived for years of a “president” that exploited the poorly educated. No doubt he “loves them”. We all do but we all do, but we do not exploit them for our own gain. The once great and now disgraced Republican party is doing it too. Now they have a “leader” to tell them what common sense is all about. This is called a cult. Nothing new. Lets make a new effort to make sense more common and ignorance less so. That is what I am doing. Share these thoughts, do not be ashamed to speak up and point out the lies when you see them. We assume that most people have a somewhat open mind, at least enough to function. You know what they say about assuming…

Carry On… Mm

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