Aint It The Truth…

It is simple. How can anyone observe the tactics of the Republican Party without realizing this? Is it too simple? They do not want you to vote, especially if you are not one of them. Them, while a plural form does not seem to include many at all it seems. They have no interest in representing you or me, they only want to keep their jobs at any cost. The price is Democracy and they don’t care one bit. They have already disgraced our good name around the world, disgraced our Soldiers and Veterans, disgraced the very foundations that this country were built upon. It is pretty simple to see that, Even the most neutral of eye can just look at the facts. They hate those things too. The facts, the truth, learn to recognize it. The truth is written above by Mr. Dan Rather. I guess what is also simple to see is that they think that restricting voting is the most important thing we need them to for us. Clean Air & Water, Education, Our Highways & Bridges, Terrorism, Racism – Oh wait… They need to focus on some of those things don’t they? They need those things to keep us divided. They need to keep feeding you dis-information (excuse me, lies) to keep you distracted from the real issues and the truth. If the 4 year show we were all witness too does not convince you that “They” are our enemy, then you to are pretty simple…

Carry On… Mm

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