Oh Deer…

I almost hit a Deer last night on the Vespa. I was on my way home from a Pizza Night I host for my Scooter Club, The Hornets. I do it every Wednesday. The Deer was definitely bigger. It just came out in front of me and galloped by. I just touched the brake, but it was no use. The Deer was gone as fast as it appeared. It happened so fast. I glanced at my mirror and when I looked back, it was right there. Thankfully it kept moving. A mere second was all was needed for me to slam into it. I am sure we both would have been seriously hurt, not to mention my new Vespa would have been totaled. I am quite aware this next morning that I had a really close brush with death. After work today, I think I will chill out and enjoy the day. A day I might not have seen the light of…

“One man’s luck is another man’s fate”
The Mysterious Book Of M.

Carry On… Mm

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