If you have trouble understanding the words below, it shows your basic Ignorance. It shows that you have given up on intelligence. There is no such group as Antifa. ANTIFA stands for Anti-Fascism. If you are not against Fascism, then what are you for? If your Father (like mine) or grandfather fought in WW2, he was Antifa. When you voted for trump, you spit in the face of every Veteran that fought for you. Your Uncles, Fathers, Sons & Dauguters, alike have been discrased by your support for Fascism. Everyone in America is Antifa except the trump traitors that have infected the once great Republic Party. They have brought it supporters down to the level of Hitler, Mussolini and other dictators. This is The United States of America and we are all Antifa. If you do not like that, there is a plane that leaves for Moscow every day. Be on it…

Carry On… Mm

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