Back From The Dead…

On sale on Craigslist now. $2300

I found it on Craigslist the other day. My old Vespa ET4. Sigh… It was one of my best and most dependable Scooters I ever owned. I put at least 12,000 miles on it without major incidents, until its tragic end. On the way home from Montauk Point during the annual Rally to Montauk Point with my Scooter Club, The Hornets – the oil dipstick wiggled its way out. I was flying along at full throttle and the oil was sucked out. The oil light came on and it stalled. This all happened in the town of Quoge, way out east in Suffolk County on Long Island.

It is quite a coincidence that it pops up now. I just bought a new Vespa and it is in many ways very similar. This silver bike has been on my mind a lot lately. Both are modern Vespa 150s. The 150 class seems to be my thing. The bigger Vespa (The Super 300) was on my list, but this 2019 Vespa Primavera was too cool to pass up. I made the right choice. My living situation does not lend itself to keeping a heavy hard to move Scooter around. I do not even have a Garage.

Anyways, I am happy to see it back in running form with a rebuilt motor. Kinda like seeing an old girlfriend out with another guy thing, but I will get over it and…

Carry On… Mm

Here is “Bella”, when she was mine…

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