is back.

I just pulled the trigger and paid for a WordPress site. I know, I know, I am a Web Designer and I can build my own websites. However, I am also a person that wants to get his message out, easier and more economically. I am also a person that is pretty pissed off at Facebook. Facebook has been the center of my online communications for many many years but when they recently suspended my accounts for posting an image that “Violated their standards of Nudity & Violence” – I knew a change had to come. Be aware that the image contained no nudity or violence, as you can see below…

Hopefully when I share this post on Facebook, I wont get in trouble again. I choose WordPress because it very easily shares my posts to Facebook and Twitter. I also choose WordPress because they specialize in Blog sites. A blog site requires special hosting and can be quite complicated technically and not easy to host yourself. As a Web Designer, I have enough of these challenges at work, I do not need them in my personal life. I just want to simply post and promote my projects. Projects like my band, my Scooter club, for instance.

I will be still on Facebook & Twitter, but the most of my posts of all kinds will originate from this Website…

As you all know too, I am also a proud American. We all have an obligation to show our pride and defend the country we love from enemies from external and internal forces. We are embroiled in a Civil War. I intend to be on the side of Democracy. It breaks my heart to see so many Friends & Family turn their back on this great country. It is also heart breaking to hear/see their excuse for being Traitors. Yes, Traitors. This country gave us all more than we can ever thank it for, but unfortunately those of the Republicans’ Party can only find Insurrection & lies as a way to thank the USA.

Jan 6, 2021 changed everything. That day made every Republican a Traitor, weather they liked it or not. That was your party, your vote, your action, your beliefs, your hatred, your racism at work. You supported it and saw it coming. Send all your words of denial down the river of the same name. It should make you beyond angry that these traitors have dragged you down with them. They have also dragged the once great Republican Party down to the level of a Terrorist Organization. If you really love America, you will jump of the trump train now, before it is too late. Not too late for America, it will survive. It will survive because Americans like us, properly using their constitutional rights to support the greatest Democracy in history.

This all will hopefully increase the spread my words and also give everyone a chance to choose what they want to hear from this man of too many marbles…

Carry On… Mm

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