Redemption, Thy Name is Vespa…

I could have done a lot of important things with $3000+ dollars. They were not things I wanted to do. They were things I needed to do, maybe. The Human spirit, wants, dreams and aspires to do more. It is our nature. We all know my house “Rancho De Angelo” became a Quagmire of trouble and I lost it 2+ years ago and got laid off the next day and moved to Planview. I was playing catch up for years in a game I would never win. A person can spend their whole life trying to catch up with life while not taking the time to enjoy it. So, I took this bold step back in January to buy this Scooter. I had no money and was in fact behind on every bill. A switch flipped in my head, I was no longer going to be complacent and be happy with basic survival. I had lost so much, now was the time to get something back. A redemption of sorts. I cant and don’t want everything back, but I do want to move forward. I also wanted to make a statement. I am a Sicilian, we always have something to say. A statement more to myself than to anyone else. After being behind the 8-Ball for so long I needed to prove to myself that I still can do things besides just survive. I did it and still maintained all my bills, needs and wants. Sometimes being happy is more important than being practical. Sometimes being practical is being happy. No other symbol of my efforts have brought more notice, scorn and laughed at than my Scootering. I sold off my other Scooters. I sold a bunch of Comic Books, Action Figures and Hot Wheels from my collection too. It worked. So here is also the biggest symbol I can pull off of my redemption. Its a 2019 Vespa Primavera 150 with only 804 miles on it. It was stolen and recovered & auctioned legally, BTW. Since then I have put about 400 miles on it. I made the right choice and that does not always happen. Scoot On…

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